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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high-definition. jason: right now is 6:00, a deadly wreck discredit across -- spe read across both sides of i-4. we find out how it happened. amy: it is warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday. when rain and storms return. michelle: and an overnight rescue off the florida coast. jason: we' re previewing a big decision today about school uniforms in volusia county.
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sunrise team on your tuesday morning. time to write sunshine. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. here is a look at downtown orlando way off in the distance, but you cannot really see it because, amy, the sun is not quite up yet. amy: absolutely. we have another 20 minutes -- an hour and 20 minutes. we will have lots of clouds continue to build in. although we get some sun early, the clouds will take over. we will see a slight chance of a shower. we do not expect much rain today , but i do expect warm temperatures. starting off in the 50' s, and we will climb into the lower 70' s in most spots today. look at how much warmer we are compared to yesterday. 23 warmer in ocala, yesterday at 28, and today it is 52. 52 also in sanford, 52
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-- 53 winter haven. you might want a jacket or light stop. the clouds are streaming in. there are a few little breaks here in their -- are there. eustis, 75 orlando and winter park, 74 in longwood. 69 new smyrna beach and 72 today in titusville. it is 6:02. let' s get a traffic update. ted noah is standing by. ted: we have a crush on i-4 westbound. the good news is there are no delays with this one. traffic is looking good . it is a little bit past the offramp. taking a drive on i-4 elsewhere, it is looking pretty good. the 408, straight into downtown orlando, only nine minutes.
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left side of the screen. if you are driving westbound from lake mary to lead come it will only cost you 11, 12 minutes if you left right now. we are taking a live look at the 528 each line where it is looking good. michelle: i-4 is back open this morning after a deadly crash in volusia county. the accident shut down both sides of the highway four hours. troopers tell us the crash happened around 10:31 mustang were ended a pickup truck. the pickup flew over a guard rail. a third person was airlifted to be hospital. the driver of the mustang is ok. no word on if any charges will be filed. happening today, people in orange county could get some answers to their trash troubles. jason: thousands are complaining about the new garbage pickup system. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live. alex:
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this. they plan to look at the pros and cons of this new automated pickup system. we are in week 4. things do appear to be getting better. that is the good news. as you said, tens of thousands of people have complained to the hotline about their trash either not getting picked up at all or getting picked up there he late, leaders are reviewing the new program today. the commissioner called for the discussion to look at the pros and cons of the transition. a new program when into effect on january 1. some homeowners have reported waiting days or weeks for the garbage truck, and service is slow mostly because residents were not putting their bins and the right position for pickup. but trash truck drivers are making mistakes you' re one accidentally tore a lamp post out of the ground. a spokesperson for the county says the backlog should be fully resolved by the and of the month.
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discussion today as the commissioners pick up the issue. as soon as we get updates, we will bring those streets you. live in orange county, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. michelle: covering volusia county, and district leaders move forward with a new school uniform policy. brett connolly has a preview for us. brett: it appears the long run on a decision for school uniforms in volusia county is finally coming to an end. no changes this school year, but students would begin wearing uniforms in august. the final draft includes options for three colors for polos and button-down shirts. the basic uniform was updated to include a white collared oxford-style shirt and locked in a pants -- black denim pants. teachers are tired of being the clothing police and believe the change will save money. we have seen parents and students protesting the idea in the months leading up to the decision.
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the plan. the principal will have a total of four weeks a year to suspend the basic uniforms for school activities. jason: thank you, brett. 13 people escape this sinking yacht unharmed. the coast guard says they began taking water just before 6:00 last night in fort lauderdale. the captain says the boat was impossible to save. capt. morgan: the amount of water was taking and how quickly the boat sank really did not think there was much anybody could have been able to do. jason: the boat was underwater in less than two hours. captain morgan believes a mechanical problem might be what caused it to sink. the ship owner of the el faro will pay families $500,000 each to settle lawsuits.
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two of them were from central florida. michelle: happening today, the naacp has headed to flint, michigan to discover whether or not race played a part in the water crisis. this comes as people are still be forced to pay for water that is unsafe to drink. a health care organization is offering free testing for anyone concerned about lead exposure. in commitment 2016 , democrats and republicans are making their final push. as edward lawrence explains, bernie sanders is trying to use his position as an outsider to advantage. edward: in iowa, temperatures may be cold, but the race is heating up. the democratic candidates highlighted their differences from one another as they made a final pitch to people in iowa. sen. sanders: i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. mrs. clinton: we tackled income
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not talk, action, and that is what i will do as president. edward: meanwhile, on the republican side, the race is getting nasty, especially between donald trump and senator ted cruz. sen. cruz: i will not respond in kind because the people of this country deserves better. edward: still, cruz releases second attack ad on donald trump. trump is now calling cruz the man from canada. mr. trump: because the pipeline goes from canada, the birthplace of mr. cruz. now he goes all the way to texas. maybe he has a conflict of interest. edward: the gop front-runner says he will take action and not back down from anyone. the little experts says donald trump has enormous crowds at his event. in order to win, he will have to turn that energy into people
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in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. jason: work along oranole road in maitland was supposed to be finished in september, but it has taken nearly double that time. >> everybody that lived there is trying to figure out what is going on. >> i am not an engineer, but it seems to take an excessive amount of time. jason: the price tag of $900,000 has not changed. this project should now be done by the end of february. michelle: 6:09 now on your tuesday morning. while we are starting this day off warmer, you may want to grab a jacket heading to school. jason: the kids will not have to wear it for long. amy: lower 70' s and a lot of the area today. a lot of us will make it to mid 70' s, some of us upper 60' s, but overall, we are back to normal, even a little warmer than average today.
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cloud cover, a little bit of sun break. we will end up mostly cloudy this afternoon. there is a slight chance of a brief little shower. i do not expect much rain today. we get brief little pockets later on. we are in the lower 50' s in most of the area. a whole lot warmer than yesterday' s 20' s and 30' s. 48 palm coast, 58 orlando. even ocala is at 52 after dropping to 28 yesterday. notice a few small drops of green showing up. we may get a brief sprinkle from time to time in the late afternoon and evening, but overnight and into tomorrow, as the moisture backs in a bigger way, we will see showers and storms during the day on wednesday. we will talk more about that coming up. 70 by noon today, lower 70' s fo r highs. i would take you county by county. here is ted. ted: the chopper is flying on i-4 westbound, they went through
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528, where things are looking pretty good for the morning drive. a crash off to the side locking the rate line -- the right lane. 408 westbound driving into downtown orlando, the stretch from the dean road toll plaza to i-4 is only a short 9-minute drive. 528 westbound on the left, that is what is coming at the camera, going to the international toll plaza, no delays just yet. michelle: up next, a local store clerk confronts a group of robbers. jason: the fight in a shoe store and how they did with gunfire. michelle: new concerns about the zika virus. it is spreading, and how soon it could be close to home. before we had to break, i want to let you know about a law enforcement career fair. the fair is held at 10:00 at the
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near raeford michelle: we are following breaking news right now. there is a statewide alert out for two children reported
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4-year-old edward gamez and 10-month old lizeht gamez-flores were last seen in fellsmere. they could be in the company of, maria flores lopez and edward guardado gamez. if you spot them, call 911. jason: the eastbound lanes of i-4 are back open this morning deadly crash in volusia county. the accident happened around and shut down traffic on both sides for hours. troopers say a mustang rear-ended a pick up truck. two people who were flown from the vehicle died. filed. michelle: today, orange county leaders will discuss the complaints piling up over the new garbage contractors. since the new year, there have been missed pick-ups and other problems, plaguing the county. we' ll let you know what they decide after their meeting at 9:00 this morning. covering orange county, the search is on for three robbers after a shoe store showdown. jason: investigators tell us one of the men tried to steal something, but the clerk wasn' t having it. wesh 2'
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jaz min, the confrontation that ended in gunfire. jazmin: it did. orlando police say those three men walked into the store like regular customers but at some point, one of the men stole some merchandise. seeing what was going, the clerk grabbed his gun. this all happened at the kicks empire clothing and shoe store on south tampa avenue. that' s near the citrus bowl. the clerk, with his gun in hand, got into some sort of struggle with one of the men and the gun went off. that is when the men took off three running. police don' t believe anyone was hurt. investigators did speak with a few witnesses on scene but haven' t said if they' ve been able to identify the men involved. opd' s assault and battery unit is now heading up this investigation. if you know who any of the men are or what happened, you' re asked to call orlando police. jason? jason: thank you, jazmin. new this morning, solitary confinement for juvenile and other low-level offenders could soon be banned in federal prisons. president obama says he' s looking to do away with the practice because it lowers chances for successful rehabilitation.
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department. president obama believes solitary confinement should only be used as a last resort for inmates that pose threats to themselves or staff members. new information on the mosquito-borne zika virus that defects. believes it will soon spread to all countries in the americas even though that includes the u.s., many experts say it' s unlikely to spread outside tropical zones. abnormally small heads and brains. no cases of the virus have been reported yet in the continental u.s. michelle: happening today, the city of casselberry begins work on redeveloping lake concord park. the site is across the street from city hall. the 20-acre park includes a new luxury apartment building, a waterfront restaurant, and expanded walkways. the project is set to be complete in spring of 2017. jason: it is 6:17. today, we are talking about a
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we should be getting this time of year. amy: we are on this roller coaster ride where we get a couple of warm days, a couple of cold days. so today is one of the warm ones. tomorrow will be as well. we are a lot warmer heading out the door, which means as the kids are waiting for the bus stop, mid 40' s to mid 50' s, not nearly as cold as the last two mornings. the cloud cover is helping with that. we are about an hour away from sunrise. when you look at the numbers, you can see how so far we are pretty close to where we are supposed to be, but the last couple of mornings were so very cold we even had some freezes. now warmer. 53 now in orlando, 52 melbourne. the clouds have actually helped temperatures come up a little
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after midnight. you can see the clouds. we will start the day with some sun, but the clouds will keep streaming into a theater little more moisture will lead to cloud cover pierce southeast winds --. streaming in. a little more moisture will lead to cloud cover. 7 2 dunnellon and ocala. 74 today in claremont. so back to normal, even a little bit above average and some spots. 72 is our average high for orlando. winter park, 74 in longwood and oviedo. upper 60' s along the coast in flagler county and lower 70' s in brevard. we will climb to 74 with a high today and palm bay. possibility of a few sprinkles is afternoon, little rain overnight tonight, but the big
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we are watching thunderstorms developing late morning up through noon, especially for brevard county, polk, and osceola. we are tracking not only a thunderstorm but also possibly severe wind gusts inside these storms, and there is a low threat for tomatoes tomorrow, too. so we will be -- four tornadoes tomorrow, too. so we will be monitoring this. evening commute tomorrow, big storms will be gone, but we have clouds and rain that will linger tomorrow night and also into thursday, twoo. -both wednesday and- thursday will be cloudy. behind the rain, we get cooler, drier air that will start filtering in late thursday heard that brings us lots of sunshine for friday. ted? ted: we have the chopper up over i-4, the westbound crash, as you can see, not a big impact. they moved it off to the side.
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here we are looking at i-4 in civil county on the left side of the screen westbound. not seeing delays just yet was fun getting from seminole, looking good from lake mary to leave. this is i-4 eastbound approaching the st. johns river. as you can see, the accident from earlier, off to the side here is not blocking anymore. things are looking great. downtown orlando, 53 mile an hour is what the speed sensor is picking up. the drive young -- the drive from john young to colonial it short, 5 minutes. jason: next, fsu settles in a high-profile case involving jameis winston. michelle: the deal reached with the woman who still claims she was raped by the football star. jason: and a scary road rage
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me jason: caught on camera, an ugly case of road rage. check out these two guys squaring off writing smith -- right in the middle of a street in austin, texas. one driver was wielding a baseball bat, the other was armed with a long pole. they began swinging at each other right there at the red light. take a look at it. it all died down when the light turned green, the men got back in their cars and took off. it' s not known what led to the
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michelle: that is unbelievable. jason: tempers flaring there. 6:24. florida state university is paying nearly $1 million to settle the rape case against jameis winston. after prosecutors did not bring -- michelle: winston' s accuser sued after prosecutors did not bring criminal charges against him. the woman is getting $250,000. the rest goes to her attorneys. winston has continuously denied the allegations and has since become the starting quarterback for the tampa bay buccaneers. the orlando magic are back on the road today and looking for a much needed win. they have now lost their last six games following last night' s game against the memphis grizzlies. last night' s game went into overtime when both teams ended grizzlies won that one at the free-throw line 108-102. tonight, the magic move onto milwaukeee. 8:00. trending this morning, there is a twitter feud broiling between s. jason: this began as wendy' s put
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offering four menu items or four for $4. burger king responded with their own deal, saying five is better than $4. when someone asked wendy' s what they would fire back, wendys said edible food. alex villarreal. alex: what officials are doing today to address issues with the new automated pickup system. amy: it is a lot warmer when you step out this morning. 50' s instead of 20' s and 30' s of yesterday and the day before. no freeze warnings, no frost
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how long this lo >> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high-definition. jason: breaking news at 6:30, a statewide search for these two children. where they were last seen and who may have them. michelle: plus, shots fired at a teen driver during a traffic stop.
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a woman who saw it all go down. >> never in my life have i experienced anything like that. my life just flashed in front of me. jason: then, talking trash. the complaints about orange county' s new garbage collection system and how county leaders are taking action today. it is tuesday. if for waking up with the sunrise team. we will be bringing sweaty back in the day ahead. [laughter] amy: we are starting out 20 degrees warmer in some places where i did not know we would actually welcome the return of the 40' s and 50' s them about we are. here is a look over central florida. good morning. you might still want a jacket this morning, but you will not need quite as think of one because we are in the 50' s instead of the 20' s and 30' s during we' re climbing today, lower 70' s. it should be a nice day today, although we will not have full sunshine. we will have a lot more cloud cover building in by this
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as the moisture continues to filter in and bring us more cloud, we have a slight chance of a shower. i do not ask act much rain today, but there is at least a brief little sprinkle possible. tomorrow is only have bigger rain. yesterday morning, you can see we had dropped into the 20' s and 30' s. today, the coldest we have been is 45 in ocala, but we have actually come up from there. now we are in the lower 50' s. 52 leesburg, palm coast is our cool spot at 38, villages 32 degrees. there are the clouds streaming in, but there are a couple of breaks here and there. sunshine early today, but lots of clouds well keep filtering in through the afternoon, so we will become mostly cloudy later on tuesday. 72 dunnellon, 74 hour hike to the an apopka. this is back to normal, even a few degrees warmer than average in a few spots.
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marineland. 68 and flagler beach. 70 three is where we' re headed in melbourne. we' ll talk more about the showers and norms asked acted on wednesday -- shower and storms expected on wednesday. now it time for traffic. here is ted. ted: eastbound i-4, things looking pretty good as they approach obt eastbound on the right side of the screen, so no delays just yet. westbound here on the left side of the screen, 528 beach line expressway going through the airport area, backup usually closer to 7:00. they are not there yet. northbound here on the right side of the screen, no construction, things moving along nicely. the 408 rise to i-4 is a short, nine-minute commute if you left right now. jazmin: i and jazmin walker in the breaking news center. there is a statewide alert out for two children reported missing in indian river county. this is 4-year-old edward gamez
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gamez-flores. they were last seen in fellsmere and could be in the company of these two adults, maria flores lopez and edward guardado gamez. four-year-old edward is three feet tall, 30 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. 11-month-old lizeht is 1.5 feet tall and 15 pounds, also with black hair and brown eyes. if you spot them, you' re asked not to approach and to call 911 immediately. jason, michelle? [gunfire] >> shots fired! michelle: this morning, we' re learning more about this terrifying scene during a traffic stop. orlando police say they were forced to open fire on a teenage driver. it all began because the teen wasn' t wearing a seat belt. jason: wesh 2' s brett connolly is here with an exclusive interview from a woman who watched it all go down. brett: hey, guys, good morning. this witness says she froze when she heard open fire. here is that chaotic scene right before officers started shooting
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the car. >> hey, stop. orlando police. stop. stop! brett: that is the officer' body camera catching the scene this was at a parking lot on prior to shooting at the car, police say they tried to get the driver to stop for a seat belt violation and even broke the driver' s side window with their batons. not want her face show on camera but says she heard the commotion as she walked out of a nearby store. she was worried that someone in her car had been shot. >> i' m just thanking god that im am alive. i got four children that need me, and they could have took my life trying to kill somebody else. when all i was trying to do was go to the store. brett: the car drove away and police say it crashed into a vacant home on stoneybrook lane. the 17-year-old believed to be driving was arrested after he was treated for a shot in the shoulder. we are not naming the teen
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charged as an adult. authorities say two others in the car ran away and have not been caught. meanwhile, the officer that opened fire is a paid administrative leave. michelle? county, homicide detectives are michelle: covering marion county, homicide detectives are trying to figure out how a woman died. a family member found tamara bedenbaugh inside a home on highway 225-a in ocala last night. detectives were collecting evidence from the scene in this video from the sheriff' s office. detectives are asking anyone with information to give them a call. jason: happening today, orange county leaders will talk about the complaints over the new trash pick up system. many people are complaining, saying their trash isn' t being picked up on time, and in some cases not at all. wesh 2 ' s alex villarreal is live this morning in orange county. alex, these people are hoping for a solution. alex: yes, jason, they do. it is not a good feeling to see and smell your trash piling up,
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we know have reported to the waist -- waste hotline that they have had late pickups, very late pickups, or none at all. and take a look at this -- one trash truck reiber accidentally tore a lamp post out of the ground in the eastwood subdivision. this is exclusive video that we got. we are now in week four of this new automated trash pickup system. officials have said service was slow mostly because residents were not putting their bins in the right position for pick-up. commissioner scott boyd called for the discussion today to look at the pros and cons of the transition. since the new program went into effect on january first, things do appear to be getting better with time. a spokeswoman for the county said the backlog should be fully resolved by the end of the month. we will be following the orange county commissioners meeting today and bring you any updates on this discussion as
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live in orange county, alex the a reality, wesh 2 news. -- live in orange county, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. michelle: a palm bay man and his wife are recovering from dog bites. anthony belisle says he was talking to his neighbor on sunday when two boxers got loose, ran through the garage, and started mauling him. that man then told us how his wife helped fight off the dogs. >> my wife heard me screaming as jay was trying to keep the dogs off of me. they did not get a -- they did not do a good job. try to stop them from attacking me. michelle: belisle and his wife each suffered minor bites to the legs. brevard county animal services is investigating and has ordered the dogs quarantined in the house for 10 days. jason: right now, u.s. marshals are helping in the search for an escaped convict, his girlfriend , and her 3-year-old son. investigators say natasha quigley picked up gary bullock
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last friday in daytona beach. all three are believed to be in a white 2010 chevy cobalt. if you see them, call 911. now to california where investigators believe the community could be hiding three dangerous the scabies. they have been on the run since a daring jailbreak on friday. investigators say they cut through the bars in their cells and through plumbing pipes, using bed sheets to climb out the windows. deputies are trying to figure out if they' ve had help. lt. sawyer: so far, there' s nothing that indicates that we have concrete that says there was specific assistance from anyone inside the jail. jason: deputies are also looking into ties that two of the men have to a vietnamese gang. michelle: this morning in commitment 2016, it' s back to the campaign trail. with less than a week to go before the iowa caucuses, democrats shared the stage one wesh 2' s nikole killion has a recap. nikole: michelle, this is a
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each candidate getting a chance to speak one-on-one with voters at a democratic town hall in iowa, they made their closing arguments before next week' caucuses. polls show a neck and neck race between clinton and sanders while o' malley trails. all three are trying to distinguish themselves on issues from the iraq war to income inequality. mrs. clinton: i think it is fair to say i have a 40-year record of going after inequality. sen. sanders: establishment is not enough to we need a bold little revolution. mr. o' malley: we cannot be this fed up with our gridlock of dysfunctional national politics and think that the old ideologies are old names will move us forward. nikole: republicans will get one chance to square off one last time in a debate this thursday night. in washington, nicole killian, wesh 2 news. michelle: school leaders are
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since students from wolf lake elementary school to three other schools. if approved, some students would start the next school year at apopka, rock springs, or zellwood elementary school. another plan moves some university high school students to winter park high school. still ahead, a lawsuit filed against disney world. jason: the outsourcing accusations and the response from the mouse house. michelle: plus, a florida woman' s brush with death. the strike caught on camera, and how she survived with only a
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amy: 6:43 now. michelle: it is definitely warmer this morning. jason: and amy is outside. she has got the jacket on. yes, i put it back on. m not as frigid, but there is a chill in the air, especially for us floridians who have been here for a while. laos today and warmer temperatures. our temperatures will climb very quickly when the sun starts to shine.
6:36 am
we will hit 70 by noon, which was our high yesterday. not a lot of sun. we will get a little this morning. look at the numbers right now. we are in the lower 50' s and most of the area. compare that to the 20' s and 30' s which is where we were yesterday. you will see the clouds will filter in today. a little bit of rain is in our forecast, too. through the late afternoon and evening, we will see a club -- a couple little pockets of rain, and late night tonight, we will start to see a few more showers overnight and into early tomorrow. as far as temperatures go, low-to-mid 70' s as afternoon. i will take you around county by county and we will talk more about the timing of the rain and the storms imix acting tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. for now -- i am expecting tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. right now, let' s get to ted noah. ted: i-94 southbound, the offering to i-4, it is reported
6:37 am
we will take into to the u.s. 92 international speedway boulevard. you can get back on i-4 or take international speedway boulevard u.s. 92 for a little while and get back onto i-4 as your ultimate fear to chopper is up over i-4 near 434, a little east of that for westbound on the left side of your screen, busy getting out of seminole county. it is still not that bad. lake mary averaging 13 minutes. dean road toll plaza, that will cause you -- cost you 10 minutes if you left right now. jason: thank you, ted. this morning, the mouse house is being sued by former employees. michelle: they accuse disney of replacing them in order to hire cheaper labor. jazmin walker is back now she' s joining us. jazmin, what is it revealing? jazmin: michelle, a man and a woman are both suing disney. the two of them used to be technology workers at walt disney world in florida but say disney and their consulting
6:38 am
immigrants. may be wondering how. well, their lawyer, sara blackwell says disney is working with its consulting companies to abuse visas meant to fill specialty occupations then replace american workers with immigrants. blackwell says her clients are among 250 disney workers laid off last year. disney denies the allegations. and in a statement said the lawsuits are a misrepresentation of the facts. the two consulting companies are hcl incorporated and cognizant. in a statement, cognizant said that it complies with all u.s. regulations regarding the visas. hcl hasn' t commented on the suit. jason? jason: all right, jazmin, thank you. seminole county deputies have made their second arrest ever on revenge porn charges. steven ward is accused of posting a sexual image of his wife on his facebook page during an argument over text message. ward was arrested saturday after his wife called deputies. he was previously arrested for domestic battery and is also
6:39 am
pre-trial release conditions. ward is now being held without bond. michelle: now to some new video out of miami showing a woman trying desperately to escaping an out-of-control car. and before we show it to you, you need to know the woman was not seriously hurt. check this out. you can the car careening toward the woman, who climbs the fence in order to try and avoid getting hit. obviously that did not work. the impact actually sent her over the fence and onto a minivan parked on the other side. >> i saw the crash and everything. i stopped because, you know, i panicked a little bit. i was in shock. michelle: the driver took off running but didn' t get far. police were able to catch up with him at his home several blocks away. believe it or not, the woman only has a broken foot. she is very lucky. jason: indeed. michelle: we' re updating all of the day' s big stories next on sunrise. jason: but first, matt lauer is in new york with a preview of "the today show."
6:40 am
from the -- roads from the blizzard leading to more frustration. we will have that covered. plus, a new warning on over-the-counter pain medications. are you taking too many, and are you actually jeopardizing your health? those stories, plus we go one-on-one with oscar winner dustin hoffman. this morning, the surprising thing he does not know about his
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p michelle: welcome back. you are looking at some awesome pictures from yesterday when i was out and about in central florida. this is brevard county, and i had the awesome opportunity to talk to some second graders at longleaf elementary school. it is literacy week in central florida. i also got to talk to the fourth graders as well. i have a photo of all of them. a huge group and we met in the library to talk about the importance of reading. i was able to read a story to them about the weather, and i also had third grade, so i hit all of them at once. we had so much fun and talked
6:42 am
fronts and warm fronts, but most importantly, the importance of reading and how important it is, and of course, schools all over the state of florida are celebrating literacy week all week long, and i will be out in titus will later today talking about it as well. here in central florida this morning, it is a whole lot warmer than it was yesterday and the day before. look at these temperatures. 52 in ocala. yesterday morning, we dropped to 28. 54 in orlando, 52 in melbourne. the clouds have been streaming in. just a few. there are some breaks, which means once we get to sunrise, we will see some sunshine, but the moisture is a link a muscle we are going to get more clouds through the day. we will end up mostly cloudy and warmer, even though we will not have what is much sun is yesterday to your southeast wind will bring our temperatures up into the upper 60' s, lower 70' s are possible for highs. we will make it to 72 in salt springs and dunnellon, 73 in the villages and clermont.
6:43 am
thing about -- and st. cloud. ultima springs, you are heading to 75. flagler beach, a little cooler at 68 p or we will climb to 72 in titusville where i will be later today, and 73 in melbourne, 74 in palm bay. we are talking about the possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow. the storm prediction center has put the southern half of the state of florida under this slight risk or marginal risk for severe weather, so the best chance or those wind gust greater than 58 miles an hour as going to be from orlando south. there is also a low chance of an isolated tornado just like with the last couple of systems that have been in here. we will keep a close eye on that during the day tomorrow, especially from about noon until 5:00. late morning through the afternoon, as this front arrives, an area of low pressure
6:44 am
of seeing strong to severe wind gusts. stay tuned for your we will keep you posted tomorrow to it on thursday, we will have this front nearby, and we will get more rain thursday. behind this front as we get into friday, we will get much cooler, drier air moving in. lots of sunshine and of is our temperatures are going to drop again, too. friday and saturday, highs back in the 60' s, morning lows in the 40' s. today, mainly dry, a brief shower possible, and highs in the low to mid devon these area -- low-to-mid 70' s. time for traffic with ted. ted: a nice drive on i-4. past state road 46, westbound on the left, not so bad here, but we are seeing an increase if you travel westbound through altamonte springs. speaking of busier, downtown orlando, westbound on the left approaching the i-4 on-ramp, it is a bit slow, so give yourself a couple of extra minutes, especially to go through the conway toll plaza and make your way to downtown orlando.
6:45 am
i-4 westbound out of some of county and into orange, skyview here, 13 minutes, two minutes slower than average. a lot of that bunching up will be from altamonte into maitland. jason: thanks, ted. right now, we have a rundown of the top stories this tuesday morning starting with a deadly overnight wreck. michelle: i-4 is back open this county. 10:30 last night near deltona and shut down traffic on both troopers say a mustang rear-ended a pick up truck. two people who were thrown from the vehicle died. no word if any charges will be filed. jason: right now, there' s a statewide alert out for two children reported missing in indian river county. 4-year-old edward gamez and 10-month old lizeht gamez-flores were last seen in fellsmere. they could be in the company of maria flores lopez and edward
6:46 am
if you spot them, call 911. this men got into a struggle, and the guys ran off. no one was hurt. michelle: today, orange county leaders will discuss the complaints piling up over the new garbage contractors. since the new year, there have been missed pick-ups and other problems plaguing the county. we will let you know what they decide after their meeting at 9:00 this morning. volusia county' s school leaders will vote on a finalized uniform policy tonight. they revised the original plan to include a white oxford style button down and black jeans. if approved, students will start
6:47 am
stay with us right her r amy: it is a whole lot warmer in central florida compared to yesterday. 55 right now in orlando. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] amy: later today, lower to mid 70' s. a little bit of sun this morning, but we will see a lot of clouds building in. an isolated chance for rain. tomorrow, thunderstorms on wednesday, posted on the timing throughout today and tonight. ted: a crash coming in, a
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